Surge Protection with new demand for sophisticate electronic equipment


ABOUT AC DC GroupAC DC company has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of surge protection devices (SPD's) for a variety of applications. Our innovative patented design of Integrated Multi-Stage Surge Protection allows a fundamental breakthrough in the currently known Surge Protection technology.

These accomplishments are achieved using New materials, New design and New approach to surge protection philosophy.

AC DC company is the only producer of Integrated Multistage Surge Protectors on the Balkan region and is the only Europe manufacture of 9 (nine) stages surge protectors.

In our long experience, with sensitive and complex electrical and electronic devices (since 1977), we had always been coming across the problem of surge protection of the electronic systems, offering a comprehensive facility protection approach to solve the world's most demanding problems including lightning generated over-voltage, pour grounding and inadequate mains power.

The main aim of our company is to protect you and your possessions against the damaging effects of surges that can arise in all types of electrical and signal installations.

Our products, manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards, can offer safety covered by the latest state of the technology.

Using our solution of Integrated multistage surge protection systems, TOTAL COST of protection installations is significantly REDUCED.

We want our customers to have the assurance that they have made the right choice of the supplier with AC DC MOS PROTECTORS.

AC DC MOS surge protection devices are ideal to protect Telecom and Medical equipment, Radio Base Stations, Wireless systems, Power Distribution Panel Boards and Cellular Sites against all kinds of possible power surges.

AC DC Company has the knowledge, experience, and products to provide the optimal solution, for protection of the power supply lines against direct lightning strikes to facility-wide electromagnetic or electrostatic disturbances. We also take pride in knowing the surge industries.

Our team of sales engineers, application engineers, product engineers, and design engineers will provide you the best surge protection solution. We are responsive, adaptive and well trained.