Surge Protection with new demand for sophisticate electronic equipment

New advanced multi-stage surge protector from Red Series

news2AC DC Company promoted brand new advanced multi-stage surge protector from Red Series which is consists of 9 (nine) protection stages. With this surge products AC DC Company become fist European producer of  9 (nine) stages surge protec-tor taking the leading place in the field of multistage surge protection technology.

The surge protectors are class I+II+III in one device according IEC61643-1;  and  B+C+D according  VDE 0675).

The installation of AC DC MOS Protector expel needs of installation of surge protectors downstream to sub distribution board (acc. IEC62305-4) and significally reduced the Total Investment Cost

The complex analyses and multitude of criteria defined in lightning protection standards (IEC 62305 & ANSI/IEEE C62.41. 1-2) become the past. With AC DC MOS Protectors planning and installation of surge protection is not just reserved for an expert surge engineers but it is available to wide branch of professions. (electrician, construction builders, IT..)