Manufacturing Multi-Stage Surge Protections

ACDC DCAC is a leading, innovative company specialized in the field of Multi-Stage Surge Protections and Energy Efficiency products.

Aggressive research and development, implementation of new technologies and innovations is constant company tendency.

ACDC DCAC is the only manufacturer of Multi-Stage Surge protectors in the southeast Europe (Balkan) region and is the only European producer of "Eight (8) Stages Surge Protector”.

Our innovative design: Integrated Multi-Stage Surge Protection with built-in 5 patents present a fundamental breakthrough in the currently known Surge Protection technology.

ACDC DCAC makes the innovations to be part of your everyday life.

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UPS, Telecom Supply, Stabilizers

ACDC DCAC is a specialized company for engineering, complete power solution and installation of devices that provide Safe Power Supply, Surge Protection and Energy Efficiency. Large reference list of projects and installations performed in recent years due to our dedication to customer needs in providing full technical assistance and support in faze of projecting, installation and post-sales service. ACDC DCAC Company provides professional and experienced team ready to offer high quality products and power solutions according to your needs. The ranges of products we offer include:

  • UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply (from 200W up to 4MW)
  • Voltage Stabilizers (from 500W to 500KW)
  • Inverters, DC Power Supply, Batteries
  • Multistage Surge Protections
  • Energy Efficiency products

Cinema and Audio

ACDC DCAC is the only company in Macedonia, which provides complete solution and support regarding designing and projecting cinemas, equipment installation and adjustments with 24h support-service and maintenance. The ACDC DCAC team consists of specialized persons train to install 3D cinema and audio equipment. Large reference list of realized projects in the past 15 years is a result of our dedication in meeting customer needs. ACDC DCAC Company owned specialized instruments for setup 3D projections and measurement hall acoustic. The ranges of our offer include:

  • Design and installation of 3D equipment in cinemas
  • Analysis and design hall acoustic
  • Distribution and installation of video equipment, audio equipment and conference systems
  • Professional technical support for film festivals
  • 24h cinema service-support and maintenance

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